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Lookup Portal

Animal control and shelter operators can look up recovery contacts for microchips through the Avid Web Portal.

Registration Portal

Register microchips with Avid through this Web Portal and third-party software. Complete this application form to create a microchip registration portal account!

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Avid Saves

Join the Avid Saves™ program to earn credits for microchips from registrations!

If you’re an animal hospital or veterinarian professional, you can participate in our Avid Saves™ microchip rewards program. With an Avid Saves™ account, you can enroll patients online to collect points for microchip rewards. Start Avid Saves™ now!
Software/API Integration

Register microchips with one click!

Your software can register microchips with Avid in 2 steps:

  1. Activate your Portal account with API access enabled.
  2. Save the API credentials in the client software.

Once the API credentials are saved, your software can start registering with Avid!

You can also request for API integration from your portal account's API tab. For more information, send us a message.